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CableDo is a leading manufacturer specializing in producing and R&D of USB Type C cables, Micro USB cables, Lightning cables, Audio cables and Type C series chargers and Accessories.

As a member of USB-IF and MFI, all the cables from CableDo are strictly made based on the request of USB-IF and MFI. Part of our USB C Cables have already got a TID Number from USB-IF.With?many?years'?persistent?endeavor, Cabledo?also has?established?a?whole?set?of?management?systems?and?passed?ISO9001:2008?International?Quality Management?System.?

Our?mission?is?to?make safe, standard cables for people and the environment. We?keep?developing?various new and innovative?products?according?to?the?market?trend?and we?aim to be your best, most reliable and most innovative partners. Let's CableDo make your cable Do.


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